Hello, I'm the executive director of Club Kids Inc a local nonprofit organization and the CEO of a urban business app call Club Kids is a organization I founded in 1994 in Milwaukee, WI 25 years ago... over the years we have served thousands of youth and families in several cities with our multiple events and programs. My City Channels is a free urban worldwide business/city guide app ​Join thousands of users and build out our Urban World Marketplace for any Person, Place, or Thing? ​ Our goal is to offer a platform for urban businesses to share & pool our resources and knowledge. Make money off our own content, build wealth, teach, and learn from each other one channel at-a-time. Provide great Jobs for Teens/Homeless/Seniors and urban communities across America and the world. Community Learning Forums - Crypto Courses - Freelancer Gig Jobs – Virtual Community Service – Volunteers Teams - Business summits and more. The Urban World Marketplace presented by

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